Propelling Client Success

Cloud 9 Perception, Inc. (“C9P”) specializes in automation for segments of supply chains focused on accurate tracking of goods that are stored, managed and shipped in batches of containers on pallets.  C9P solutions bridge the world of ‘physical movement of goods’ with the digital world. We provide a powerful, yet simple-to-deploy software platform built around machine learning, vision frameworks, and ease-of-access to images and data that help clients produce gains in workflow efficiency and productivity.


Machine Learning

Algorithms and models designed to improve and optimize steadily with growing datasets for use in shallow and deep learning. Image and data collection, annotation and ground truth mapping.

2D & 3D Vision

High-speed image capture, SKU detection and supplemental data collection through object detection, barcode detection, barcode reading, and optical character recognition.  Object dimensioning, plane segmentation, volumetric analysis, and inspection.

Ensembled Platform

Elegant, fast software platform with its elements working as an ensemble to provide fast, multi-faceted approaches to solve problems and to drive peak efficiency and productivity improvements.

Hardware Subject Matter Expertise, Procurement And Provisioning


High-quality cameras, lenses, sensors and related vision hardware.

Systems Engineering

Cloud system management, server and node optimization, capacity planning and configuration, power and communication specifications and deployment, and programmable logic control interfacing all focused on achieving client cycle time objectives.


Field-tested, antifragile peripherals,  enclosures, fasteners, cable management, and accessory components, ready for harsh environments and for wide ranges of thermodynamic scenarios.