Unlock Previously Elusive Productivity Gains

Introducing a powerful new platform for accelerating automation in warehousing and distribution through the convergence of physical, human-driven tasks with their digital twin.
Perception Platform

Meaningful Transformation

Ushering in a new generation of product receiving and shipping solutions

A platform created to reduce product inbound and outbound cycle times and dramatically improve product record keeping. Simple, cloud-based image record management and SKU data collection.  Ensures products received and shipped are properly accounted for and claims for upstream or downstream damage can be easily handled.  Image and data collection and data entry transformed from a manual process to an automated, repeatable, fast-cycle-time flow.

Perception Platform

An Architecture Built to Learn

Computational Firepower, Design Excellence

Software architecture elegantly designed for stability, consistent enhancement, and ‘generalization’ using ultramodern Machine Learning strategies.



PERCEPTION solutions combine vision frameworks (cameras, lenses, and related) with software to propel fast and extraordinary data gathering capabilities.


Efficient and precise MAPPING solutions accelerate the process of collecting and assigning ground truths, in turn, accelerating model training and driving up machine learning model accuracy.

Platform Intelligence

PLATFORM INTELLIGENCE drives operational productivity advances that were previously unreachable.

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